2018 esp NRL Extreme

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A lot of work has gone into this year’s release. ESP has improved the card ratios and over all offer. 
They have included into the release 32 Regular Footy Stars and a further 32 Rare Gold Footy Stars; two players per team are featured in this unique 3D figurine set (NRL footy Star). Each packet contains 1 Footy Star. 
 As per 2017 esp have included into the release 16 Autograph Cards, one per team, 5 of the 16 cards will again be offered via an empty packet redemption (72 empty Xtreme 2018 packets to claim the 5 autograph cards). 
NRL Xtreme 2018 is lining up to be one of this year’s hottest sport collectibles; all albums come with a great looking game mat as well as a footy star collector bag containing a bonus footy star, plus a single packet of cards.  While the Xtreme starter pack contain three packets of cards and a bonus starter pack card……  

Xtreme 2018 includes the following highlight subsets:

PARALLELS - 144 cards, 1 per pack

GOLD PARALLELS - 32 cards, 1 per 48 packs

MINI FOOTY STARS CARDS - 32 cards, 1 per 3 packs

SUPERHERO CARDS - 32 cards, 1 per 4 packs

ACTION SERIES CARDS - 16 cards, 1 per 6 packs

WILD POWER LENTICULAR CARDS - 16 cards, 1 per 12 packs

POWER BOMB CARDS - 16 cards, 1 per 24 packs

AUTOGRAPH CARDS-16 (195 per player) 11 in pack, 5 via empty packet redemption.

These ratios are not guaranteed to be precisely included in all boxes or cases.

  • Boxes contain 24 packets
  • Cases contain 12 boxes
  • Starter packs contain three packets of cards and a bonus card (one of 72 to collect)
  • Albums contain 1 Packet of Cards, a Xtreme Game Mat, Footy Star Collector Bag and Bonus Foot star

The official launch date of the product is Monday the 22nd of March.